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2015 CFA Access Scholarships and 2014 Fall CFA North Carolina Merit Scholarships

CFA NC 2014-15 scholarship notice_web

CFA NC 2014-15 scholarship notice_web

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Knowing the World: Intuition, Theories, Models, and Data

Some 70 years ago, cybernetics was a hot field; 30 years ago, catastrophe theory was on everyone’s lips. Those Greek-derived words for disciplines that once brought hope of explaining human behavior now evoke a quaint nostalgia, like Polaroids of long-haired young people in bell-bottom jeans and tie-dyed T-shirts. The new buzzword nowadays is big data, the fashionable term for capturing and analyzing the vast collections of information that people reveal about themselves when shopping online at and Travelocity or when writing about themselves on Facebook and Twitter.

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Weekend Reads for Advisers: Psychopaths, Bubbles, and Black Holes

Most Americans of a certain generation (and I suspect other nationalities, too) recall 22 November 1963, and exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard President John F. Kennedy had been shot. As a South African, I experienced that moment on 5 December, when I saw a tweet that Nelson Mandela, 95, had died. Disbelieving, given the rumors swirling his health in recent months, I frantically scrolled through my Twitter feed to find an official source. I grew up in Apartheid South Africa during a time of great injustice, of police in riot gear chasing people with guns, tear gas, and sjamboks (whips). There were acts of heroism and treachery. And so many searing images of unspeakable cruelty and sadness that it is impossible to recount them. But above it all was Nelson Mandela. There have been so many images of Madiba, and so many words of tribute, that it is hard to single out the best. But several passages of Bill Keller’s obituary in The New York Times stood out for what they revealed about his grace and leadership… Read more

The Best of the 2013 Conference in 1 Minute

We’ve taken the CFA Society’s 2013 Conference and condensed it down to just over 1 minute! Take a look to see the highlights of the conference in this short clip!

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Weekend Reads for Investors: Taxing Matters

The rise of inversions may say as much about the lack of opportunities for growth that companies see as it does about the burdensome US tax code or the cleverness of investment bankers and accountants. Read more

Surviving the Global Pension Crisis

The US$100 trillion global retirement savings shortfall is the megatrend that will define the next 40 years, according to Rich Marin. Read more

Turning Points: The Impending Taper, Japan’s Troubled Economy

Analysts continue trying to assess the dependence of markets on the Fed and to discern the direction of the economy. Read more

Tomorrow’s Timber: Identifying Unconventional Investments with Leo de Bever (Video)

According to Leo de Bever, opportunities in energy, food, materials, and enabling technology can reward long-term investors who are willing to embrace discomfort. Read more

Reality Check: What Is India’s New Budget Telling Investors?

Earlier this month, newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration delivered its first budget. This bears serious attention as the budget is a good indication of the government’s focus and prioritization over the remainder of fiscal 2014 and the entire fiscal 2015. Read more

Finding Value in Energy with Morningstar’s Jason Stevens

Morningstar’s Jason Stevens discusses the companies and countries best positioned to unlock the potential of trapped oil and gas with fracking. Read more

Weekend Reads for Global Investors: Apple, Asia, and Ackman

It has been an eventful couple of weeks. S&P 500 is marching on to the tune of 2,000. Or should we make that iTunes? Apple reported second quarter results this week, and the iPhone was all the rage, especially in BRIC countries. Read more

Poll: Which Military Conflict Has the Greatest Potential to Disrupt Financial Markets?

On any given day, there are far more military conflicts raging worldwide than the few that make international headlines. Some conflict areas (e.g., Ukraine, Gaza, and Syria) may sound familiar, whereas others (e.g., Central African Republic, Northwest Pakistan, or Mexico) may not. Read more

Debt and Secular Stagnation: Amir Sufi Discusses the US “Recovery” (Video)

Amir Sufi, professor of finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, says that US economic growth may be due to unsustainable subprime lending. Read more

Evaluating Private Equity Performance: PME vs. Direct Alpha

A new technique called direct alpha may overcome key problems with some typically used private equity benchmarking methodologies. Read more

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